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Doing our part to help with the Covid 19 Virus [03/30/20]

We have just passed our re-certification and are now certified to ISO 9001:2015 [12/07/18]

2019 Kenworth T270 Just Arrived! [07/27/18]

We have added to our fleet. This new Kenworth will help transfer our castings between our plant locations on a daily basis. This is just one of our commitments to help keep our lead times down to a minimum for all of our customers.

She is proudly flying our colors on her first day of service.

New Arrival for Spring 2018: Our second CNC Machining Center this Year! [04/24/18]

Off the truck, being set up now, and soon will be ready for action:

New arrival: MAKINO a71 High Speed Milling Machine [02/21/18]

The a71 horizontal high-speed milling machine is rapidly becoming one of the most popular platforms for high-volume machining of parts made of cast iron and light alloys. Spindle integration with the drive motor rotor reduces vibration during high-speed milling operations and increases acceleration/deceleration. Rapid spindle acceleration to top speed in just 2.4 seconds helps substantially reduce non-cut time. The center trough quickly removes large chip volumes for enhanced reliability in continuous high-speed milling machining applications.

ISO Audit 1/16/2018. Renewed again for 9001/2008. Good till 2020. [01/17/18]

We would like to announce that we have passed our audit again this year for our ISO Certification renewal. Good till 2020.

Up and Running in less than 24 hours!! [11/01/17]

We wanted to let our customers know that we are back up running and pouring castings. Installed in less than 24 hours!

In 2017, we have purchased 2 CNC milling centers, and now a new state of the art automatic molding station. We are busy investing in our customers future!

Just Arriving: New Replacement for our original Automatic Molding Machine [10/31/17]

Long awaited replacement for our original automatic molding system is here! Our team will work around the clock to get this state of the art machine installed and running. New technology built into this machine will make our molds more consistent from mold to mold, and that translates into consistent parts. Your castings!

Here is the retiring hero! She has made over 1.3 million molds over her lifetime. I can’t even begin to imagine how many castings that equals, since many of our patterns are multiple cavity!

Our new 3-D printer helps reduce lead time! [07/25/17]

Our foundries can take advantage of printing complex gating to feed our castings. We always slice the first castings made from the new tool to see if there is any shrinking or porosity. With our new printer we can adjust gating immediately to eliminate these conditions.

Our machining divisions can now use these printed models to build their tooling and holding fixtures instead of having to wait for the cast tooling to be finished. This dramatically cuts down on lead time on our new projects.

Precision Enterprises Adds a 3-D Printer to Provide Customers with Accurate Models Prior to Cutting New Tooling. [07/01/17]

We have purchased a 3-D Printer to assist your engineering department in the design of the ‘perfect casting’. When you send us your CAD files for quotation, we can supply you a model showing different colors for draft, machining stock, wall thicknesses, gating, risering, etc. so your engineers can have something in their hands to review and discuss.  

By supplying these models to you, we can solve all possible future problems before going to hard tooling.  Take a look at the complexity of some of the shapes we can now ‘print’.

There are several materials available.  Please give us a call and we can discuss the benefits of each of these materials. We look forward to working with your engineering department and achieving that ‘perfect casting’ the first time around.  

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